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How To Revamp Your Backyard

The backyard is an essential part of the home and can be a great place to relax. It is also often used for entertaining guests and getting together with family. However, if you do not take care of it, your yard will quickly turn into a messy pile of weeds where you can’t fully enjoy your yard. Fortunately, landscaping your backyard does not have to be expensive or complicated! This blog post will discuss how to revamp your backyard to look fabulous without breaking the bank!

1. Add a Stone Path or Patio

Slide your backyard into a modern look with stone paths and patios. If you have an area of grass, consider using patio tiles to create a border between the two spaces. This will instantly transform your yard! You can use pavers or stones for this project but be sure that they are all the same size, so everything looks uniform and well put together.

First, use a string and stakes to outline where you want it to create the stone path. You can also use rocks or other objects as guides for straight edges if needed! Then, dig out about an inch of soil from inside your line, so there is room for ground-level stones. Next, put down a weed barrier (tarps can work too) and then begin placing your stones along the inside of the line.

Be sure to get creative with shapes, colors, and textures! For example, if you are using pavers or bricks for patios around an outdoor kitchen, use similar materials so that everything flows together nicely.

2. Add a Water Feature

Water sets are all the rage right now, and you can find them in many shapes, sizes, and colors! You do not have to go with an expensive option because there are plenty of DIY tutorials online for building your waterfall or fountain. These features will instantly pull everything together to look like a professional designed it.

Using the DIY tutorials mentioned above, you could also add a water feature to your patio or deck area using the DIY tutorials mentioned above! Be sure that you use an outdoor safe sealant for this project so that there is no chance of leaks in case it rains during one of your barbeques.

3. Create a Garden Bed

A garden bed is another excellent way to bring your yard together. You can use raised beds or dig out some dirt and plant flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc.! There are so many options for this type of project, but it all depends on how you want your backyard to appear.

If you go with the first option (raised beds), then use fencing or lumber leftover from other projects to build them. Then, fill the bed with mulch and add your plants! You could also put down a weed barrier underneath it all, so no weeds grow through your flowers once they start blooming later this summer.

If you choose to go with a garden bed, make sure to add flowers and plants that can grow together without taking over the entire bed. You want it to be well-balanced so that everything looks good from all angles!

4. Add Lights and Other Outdoor Decorations

Add outdoor lights to your backyard so that you can enjoy it after the sunsets! These are great for entertaining guests and hosting barbeques. You could hang string lights, lanterns, or even candles throughout various corners of your yard.

If you have an area with a patio, consider adding some string lighting underneath the overhang so people can see when it gets dark outside. You can also add some outdoor speakers to your backyard, so you have music to listen to while having fun with friends and family!

You could even use fairy lights powered by solar energy if you do not want the hassle of manually charging them each night! These look beautiful on trees or just hanging from various other objects around the backyard.

This is a great way to add color and beauty without spending too much money on decorations! Instead, you can save that for your next barbeque or summer party.

5. Call RPS Junk to Take Care of Any Clutter

Be sure to gather up any clutter and put it aside for pickup. This includes old furniture, extra dirt from your garden bed, etc.! You can hire RPS Junk Removal to take care of this for you so that the backyard is entirely free of anything unnecessary during a party or barbeque.

Give us a call today at (410) 999-4827 or visit our website www.RPSJunk.com to learn more about our junk removal services!

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