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6 Things Not Recommended to Throw in the Trash

When you are on a decluttering spree, you tend to throw out everything you no longer need or that has no more use in your home. However, certain things should never go in the trash, regardless of whether they are broken or expired.

If you are wondering whether or not you should throw out an item, continue reading ahead to see what you should avoid putting in the trash:

1. Chemical Cleaners And Bleach

Whether used for the kitchen, bathrooms, or any other place, all cleaners have chemicals inside them. When you throw away or discard them, they will enter the landfills or other sites, which can be very harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is essential to dispose of them properly to avoid causing any harm.

2. Batteries And Cell Phones

No matter how big or small, all batteries contain lead, cadmium, and mercury, which, if released in the environment and atmosphere, can cause issues. When they are thrown in the trash, they release their hazardous chemicals over time. Batteries and cell phones can be recycled, so it’s best to send these items to a recycling center.

3. Electronics

People also throw away electronic items such as refrigerators, television sets, VCRs, CD players, music speakers, old and broken mobile phones, tablets, chargers, monitors, etc., because they are no longer useable. These electronics contain harmful metals and chemicals which are hazardous to the environment. When they are thrown in the landfills, these chemicals can leak into the soil and cause damage to plants and trees or be eaten by small animals. All these electronics should be taken to the proper recycling centers and recycled to conserve resources and help the ecosystem.

4. Expired Or Unused Medicines And Drugs

Drugs and medicines can disintegrate and leak in the water supply when thrown in the trash. They can be dangerous for the environment as they are very hazardous. They are harmful as they can destroy plant and animal life when leaked into the water supply and soil. Before tossing medicine in the trash, call your local pharmacy to see the best option for disposing of them.

5. Liquid Paints

Liquid paints contain oil and chemicals. You can discard it when it dries, but still, paints are a very hazardous chemical that should not be thrown away without caution.

6. Medical Waste

Medical waste includes sharp needles, used syringes, liquid medicines, containers used for experiments, masks, drugs, and used medical tools. These should never be disposed of directly but should be appropriately sanitized and enclosed in perishable or environmentally friendly containers and then thrown out. Medical items contain all kinds of germs, bacteria, and possibly diseases. Most hospitals have an area to dispose of such things, so you know they are being taken care of accordingly.

If you are looking to remove items from your home, call a junk removal company to guide you in the right direction. RPS Junk Removal offers junk removal services in and around Maryland at the best prices. Customers can book their services over the telephone at 410-999-4827 or visit the official website https://rpsjunk.com/.


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