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6 Storage Ideas That Help to Maximize Your Space

Is the clutter in your home causing you to feel overwhelmed? Instead of dealing with daily stress because of the stuff piling up in your home, it helps to have a decluttering plan to follow.

The key to having an organized home is to have the proper storage solutions to manage your items.

When you can implement the following strategies to increase your storage, you’ll discover that many of your items can get stored without a significant hassle! For everything else, contacting a local junk removal specialist ensures that you have the freedom to enjoy all your space.


Where Can I Find Extra Storage Space in My Home?

1. Use The Tops Of Your Cabinets

Although some kitchen designs send the cabinets to the ceiling, it’s not unusual for there to be at least 12-24 inches of usable space on the top of each unit. This principle holds for bookcases, shelving units, and other furniture.

Consider placing your pottery, cutting boards, and collectibles in these safe spots instead of using these places for decorative items. It often helps group larger pieces of a similar style together to avoid having the objects feel like clutter.


2. Look Underneath Your Bed

If you have shoes or out-of-season clothing taking up space in your closet, there might be room for those items under your bed. It helps store these products in small, rectangular baskets that slide easily on your floors without causing damage.

When you want something more formal for this option, several manufacturers make roll-away designs that offer drawers for additional storage.

3. Use Outside Resources

Do you have a shed or another outbuilding on your property? If so, you have a fantastic place to store your seasonal items. These spots are also an excellent location for the outdoor tools you use occasionally.

Before adding items to a shed, you’ll want to ensure enough protection against moisture, decay, and pests to prevent your belongings from getting ruined.


4. Upgrade Your Stairs

One of the best spots for untapped storage in your home is your stairs. The wall can accommodate built-in shelving in most homes. So if you open the area underneath, you’ll have space for a closet. You can even turn the individual steps into drawers for added space. 

If you don’t have much room under your stairs, consider adding some heavy-duty hooks that could hang your gardening equipment, sports gear, or bulky products that you regularly use.


5. Add Storage To Your Doors

Several manufacturers provide hooks that hang over a door to create additional storage. This option works well for bathrooms, closets, and other interior doors. You’ll want to stick with using this option for lightweight products to avoid damaging your hinges or structures.

If you have a shower door in your bathroom, you have another opportunity to add more storage to your home!


6. Use Containers Creatively

When you need extra storage, it helps to have multifunctional items around the home. For example, if you need a place for blankets in the living room, a cedar chest could keep your space looking organized while giving you a bench or ottoman to use while entertaining. The options in this category are almost endless, ranging from steamer trunks to vintage valises. 

If you’ve run out of storage space for some of your items, it might be time to have them hauled away. When you work with RPS Junk, you’ll receive the services you need at a fair and competitive price! Contact us today at 410-999-4827 to discuss your project or request more information at www.RPSJunk.com.


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